About Us

“We pride ourselves on our efficiency, diligence and professionalism. If you have a legal issue that you need addressed please contact us, we would be more than happy to help.”

Krishnamoorthy & Associates is a Metro-Detroit law firm that primarily focuses on criminal defense. It was founded in 2018, by attorney Purna Krishnamoorthy.

The creativity and passion for the law that attorneys working with Krishnamoorthy & Associates share allows for their partnership to be rich in the precise execution of a legal plan and in the necessary legal rhetoric that follows. Even during the most adversarial processes they maintain their professionalism and work tirelessly, embracing the controversy, to effectively defend their clients. Furthermore, they exhibit an ability to retain factual material, analytically reason through tough cases, and utilize interpersonal skills to fight persuasively.

The firm maintains a strong belief in fostering trusting relationships with its clients, which has allowed it to remain active in the community. From straightforward cases to complex legal issues, the degree of guidance and advocacy client’s receive are testaments to the top-tier legal services provided by the firm.

Additionally, their everlasting dedication to acquiring superior legal knowledge has been valued by those who have retained them thus far, and will only continue to prove to be beneficial for many more years to come. With a network that continues to expand just as quickly their practice does, Krishnamoorthy & Associates, looks forward to being there to assist with all your legal needs.